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“The data,” says the researcher, “show a continuous rising of water levels in the Mediterranean of about 1.8 mm per year (3.2 mm on a global scale), confirming the predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on ‘ increase in sea level of about 1 meter by the end of the century and by 2200 more than 2, resulting in retreat of the coastline and damage to structures, in particular in the areas subsiding. ” Phenomenon that would bring these areas to a greater risk of flooding and progressive, resulting in exposure of economic value, particularly in areas with a high value industrial, commercial, tourism and culture, such as Venice, especially if in addition to large storm surges and tsunamis.

 “With regard to Italy, the area most at risk of marine ingression are the coasts at the mouth of the Vulturine and the Po, the Venetian lagoon, some areas of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sardinia, Calabria and the Aeolian Islands. Same for the coasts of Turkey and Greece, which not coincidentally are also the most seismic of the Mediterranean. Are less exposed instead the estee lauder perfume, in Italy, part of the island of Crete, the Israeli coast and parts of North Africa, “concludes Andrei.

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The long sequence of disturbances that hit our country experienced during the beautiful perfume review of July rainfall far superior to the standard temperature below average. This is demonstrated by data from the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of the National Research Council (ISAC-CNR) in Bologna, where the Bank climatological data of the homologous series of the last two hundred years. At the national level, the July 2014 marks a + 73% compared to the average rainfall for July in the period 1971-2000 which is conventionally taken as the reference period, the 27-th wettest since 1800.

               Most affected is the central-northern Italy, from Tuscany in on, in fact, precipitation falls in July 2014 were found to be more than twice the normal (locally, in northern Tuscany, eastern Liguria and Emilia western, even three times), resulting this area for the 13-th wettest July since 1800: it was in 1932 that it was not raining so much (then precipitation was 2 and a half times the normal).

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